Business at Farnborough Hill

Business gives students a unique insight into the world of work.

Through its study, students discover how businesses operate and learn about their key elements and essential business functions. Business offers an opportunity for students to acquire a range of relevant business and generic skills such as decision making, problem solving, challenging assumptions and critical thinking all of which are highly transferable to employment. Students will develop both a holistic and yet critical understanding of businesses from a range of contexts.

Business is taught through the use of both real and hypothetical business case studies. Students look at the various ways businesses could raise finance and explore the rise and fall of firms such as HMV, BHS and Woolworths. It is crucial to study both national and international businesses and to explore the reasons for the success and failure of well-known firms such as Apple, Sky, Marks and Spencer’s, Bentley, ASOS and DeBeers and also less well known businesses from a wide range of industries.

Teaching includes presentations, discussions, group work, research, investigation and report writing. Students are issued with materials in lessons and through a variety of approaches become familiar with assessing the information, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so that they can confidently suggest appropriate courses of action for the firm to take or identify mistakes that may have been made. Lessons are fun, interesting and the teaching styles used make it exciting to learn.

The Business and Economics department is based in St Anthony’s, a beautiful teaching room with views across the School grounds.