Farnborough Hill is a Catholic school, and we are proud of the strong ethos and heritage upon which the RCE Sisters built the school. It is what sets Farnborough Hill apart and ensures it is still thriving today: the sense of community, respect for others, shared joy and a willingness to build each other up are all inbuilt within this incredible school's past, present and future.

As part of our mission to educate the whole person, we offer a spiritual education that pupils can embrace in their own way; we are open to and have always welcomed pupils of all faiths and of none.

The Spiritual Life of Farnborough Hill is led by our School Chaplain, Mrs Nelle Dalton. Every day begins with prayer and there are many opportunities for communal worship, retreat, celebration and contemplation. We come together for Mass approximately five to six times a year - including the Catholic Holy days – and we also use our stunning Chapel at the heart of our school for Assemblies and other school gatherings. Pupils are encouraged to take part in the liturgies by reading, serving on the altar, animating gospel stories through drama and dance, serving as Eucharistic Ministers and singing in the choir.

There are several clubs which enhance spiritual life, including Open Access (available to all Year 7s to come for an informal chat with sixth formers about different topics each week), Social Justice, Youth ALPHA and the CAFOD Young Leaders Programme. The CAFOD Young Leaders Programme is an opportunity for aspiring Lower Sixth leaders who want to make a change in the world. Pupils will also take part in training days run by CAFOD as well as run campaigns for global awareness and to fundraise for CAFOD.

We are part of the Diocese of Portsmouth and have a Diocesan Validation of the School - the published report can be downloaded here.