Finding a love for an activity that will keep you active and healthy into adulthood is a core aim of the sport-based clubs and activities at Farnborough Hill. If you love team sports - fantastic - join in with hockey, netball, cricket, Ultimate Frisbee and so on. If you are more of a solo athlete then badminton, tennis, athletics, cross country, trampolining and gymnastics can be your thing. There is also the massive hill which you will have free reign of every break and lunch... extreme tag, anyone?

Some of you will love the competition of sport, while others will prefer just to take part for your own pleasure - either option is fine with us. For our core sports, we field teams at A, B and C level (where there is demand), but if you just want to join in training and not play competitively you are most welcome. The majority of our sports clubs take place after school. 

Dance lessons are also available (Ballet, Contemporary, Acro, Street) at an extra charge and take place in our studio space, St Jo's. 

We also offer the Duke of Edinburgh's Award from Year 9 upwards. Explore more below!