After the last full inspection in January 2014 by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), the School received a truly excellent report, achieving the top rating possible, ‘Excellent’, for every one of the eight categories they grade, and we are immensely proud of this.  We feel this is a fitting accolade for everyone involved in the work and life of Farnborough Hill:  the teaching and support staff, the pupils, the Senior Leadership Team, the Governors and Sisters, and parents who always give their daughters, and us, such great support.  Indeed, their plentiful and hugely positive responses to the parental questionnaires got the inspection off to great start!

Some of the statements we are very pleased with include:

  • The School is highly successful in fulfilling its aim to provide academic excellence in an environment that is caring, supportive and fun. 
  • 'Excellent levels of knowledge, understanding and skill are demonstrated in pupils' classroom work, extracurricular activities and in their attainment in public examinations.'
  • 'Teaching is very effective in supporting pupils’ progress throughout the School and supports its aim to aspire to academic excellence and to give pupils a sense of fun and enjoyment in their learning.’
  • 'A significant teaching strength is the excellent relationships and rapport between the pupils and teachers which helps to create a very positive and supportive learning environment.'
  • 'An atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance prevails and they (the pupils) exhibit outstanding standards of behaviour and discipline.'
  • 'They (the pupils) are caring and supportive of each other and enjoy each other’s success….. they are enthusiastic participants in all the school has to offer.'
  • 'Heads of Year know the pupils in their charge very well and are a highly effective channel of communication ….'
  • 'Supported by strong pastoral care and a secure and safe environment they thrive and develop into mature young people guided by their values and sense of self-worth.'
  • 'Strong leadership, clear vision, and excellent management by the Senior Leadership Team enable the whole staff to work together to fulfil the School’s aim of educating the whole person in a happy, caring community. Care for the individual is evident in every aspect of the work of the School.