Our Vision

Inspired by our Catholic heritage and beliefs, Farnborough Hill is an aspirational community where each individual is loved, valued and fulfilled, and in which power and potential is unleashed.

Our Mission

We educate the whole person; academically, spiritually, morally, culturally, philosophically, and athletically, and, through this, discover the unique character, gifts and talents of each person.

We Will:

  • Have a connected community made up of dynamic and inspired staff and pupils
  • Unleash the power and potential of all
  • Develop innovative spaces
  • Have a more sustainable and balanced, earth-friendly environment


  • HOPE-FILLED - We act with compassion and love for all, choosing to look forward joyfully
  • EMPOWERING - We accompany each person as they discover their gifts and talents
  • AUTHENTIC - We grow to be the best versions of ourselves, reflecting on and developing our beliefs and values
  • RESPONSIBLE - We face challenges with integrity and courage, understanding the impact of our decisions on ourselves and others
  • TRANSFORMATIONAL - We ensure that everyone leaves our community changed for the better, ready to play a positive and active part in the world

Our full Mission Statement is available here to download:

Mission Statement

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