Old Girls' Association

The Farnborough Hill Old Girls' Association is a community that extends far and wide, though the Association remains an integrated part of the Hill.  The Farnborough Hill Old Girls' Association (FHOGA) is open to all former students.  Former staff are also honorary members.  We send out an annual newsletter, have a closed Facebook group, organise annual reunions and other events during the year and administer the Old Girls' Scholarship Fund.

As a result of the support of our Old Girl community, whether that is their time or careers expertise, we provide Farnborough Hill pupils with the tools to thrive and the inspiration to go out and make change in the world.  The generosity of our Old Girl community affords our pupils with the skills necessary to become tenacious, resilient individuals.

Please email us to become a member, join the committee or to send in ideas and suggestions.


Sixth Form Scholarship

We award one prestigious Sixth Form Scholarship each year from the Old Girls' Scholarship Fund.  This relies on fundraising events and donations from generous Old Girls.

To further enrich our connection with our heritage we have, in consultation with the Old Girls’ Association Committee, renamed the Old Girl Scholarship, the Lafosse Scholarship.

As one of the old girl scholars I strive to be a good role model for the younger pupils and get involved in school life as much as I can.

Hannah, Old Girl Scholar

Looking to Get Involved?

If you are looking to share your journey and career expertise with our pupils, please register your interest here.

Share Your News

Let us know what you have been up to since leaving the Hill.  We love hearing your news and sharing it with the alumnae network.

Old Girls' News

Celebrating Paddy Sproule - SOE Heroine

Today marks the 80th anniversary of D-Day, a pivotal moment in WWII. We remember all the heroes who fought for freedom, but today we also shine a light on one of our own incredible alumnae - Paddy Sproule.

old girls reunion