There is no subject that opens up a wider range of skills and pleasures than a knowledge of Classics.

Angela Lambert, The Independent

pupils with teacher

Classics at Farnborough Hill

Classics is the study of all aspects of Roman and Ancient Greek civilisation: language, literature, history, philosophy, art and architecture, archaeology, science and technology, medicine and mathematics.  Classics has something for everybody.  No other subject is as varied, as fun, and as multidisciplinary.  Classics is an academic subject that is highly regarded by employers and university admissions tutors alike and great for the brain too!

The Classics Department offers Latin and Classical Civilisation throughout the School and Greek to GCSE.

All girls study Latin in Years 7.  In Year 8, it becomes one of the girls' language options, where they opt for two languages, one of which may be Latin.  All Year 8 pupils also have one lesson a week of Classical Civilisation.  Girls may opt for Latin and / or Classical Civilisation in Year 9 and then choose to pursue those courses to GCSE.  Classical Greek GCSE is also offered as an extracurricular course in Years 10 and 11.  These subjects may be continued in the Sixth Form at A level. 

Both Latin and Classical Civilisation are facilitating A levels that sit well alongside any combination of A level choices, whether sciences or arts subjects.