Computing and ICT

Computing and ICT at Farnborough Hill

Technology has advanced tremendously in the past few decades, becoming an integral part of our modern world and transforming our lives.

At Farnborough Hill, we believe Computing and ICT to be a key part of the curriculum.  The subject combines elements of both academic Computer Science and practical software skills and teaches pupils the skills needed for careers across a whole spectrum of industries, including but not limited, to IT.  The topics studied provide a solid basis for those who wish to study GCSE Computer Science, in addition to providing valuable software skills which will be useful to our pupils in both their school work and in later life.

Some topics contain elements of both, where a topic is studied and a software package used to produce digital content on that topic.  Much of the work pupils do in Computing will be in the form of project work, but there will also be some theory lessons.


computing pupils