The Geography course at Farnborough Hill aims to foster pupils' enthusiasm for the world around us, to stimulate their interest and arouse their curiosity.  We use a variety of teaching styles to keep the taught content fun and accessible to all pupils, whether it is making a working model of a volcano or communicating people’s human rights through a rap.  We aim to raise awareness of the world around us.

Lower School

During Years 7 and 8 a number of geographical skills are developed including map-reading, data interpretation, teamwork, literacy, modelling and GIS.  In Year 9 a modified GCSE content is followed in order to prepare the pupils for the rigours of GCSE. 

Upper School

At GCSE and A level we follow the AQA specification and staff in the department are experienced examiners at both levels making them well-placed to get the best out of the pupils in public examinations.  Geography is a very popular subject and over 50% of Year 9 generally opt to take it at GCSE.

Pupils develop their problem-solving skills and  learn to communicate effectively through written, oral and ICT media. There are many reasons to study Geography at GCSE and A level. It enhances your knowledge of the world around you.  It is a unique bridge between the social sciences and and the earth sciences.  It raises awareness of the environment. It opens the doors to many careers, from architect to business analyst, travel agent to teacher. 


Fieldwork plays an increasingly important part in the teaching of both physical and human options in geography at Farnborough Hill.  Key Stage 3 trips are skills and curriculum based, and include a fieldwork day in the school grounds, a trip to the coast and to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  At GCSE, pupils do a study of regeneration in Farnborough town centre and visit River Tillingbourne. At A level, pupils also conduct two days of fieldwork in preparation for their NEA.  There are also opportunities bi-annually to experience an 'awe and wonder' trip to destinations such as Iceland, China and America (see news items below).  


girls with globe