Academic Life

Of course, when you are considering where to study your A levels, results are important, and we are rightly proud of what our girls have achieved at A level in the past. We had high aspirations for them, and will do for you, too. We will champion you as you step up to the challenges of A level study, strive with you to push through the grade boundaries to achieve as high as you possibly can.  The subjects on offer are traditional and they are academically rigorous courses; at times you might find it tough, but with the team of teachers behind you, your friends around you, and the Heads of Year helping to keep balance and joy in the Sixth Form experience, we know you will thrive. 

We offer 27 different subjects at A level, and you will need at least a GCSE grade 7 in any subject you wish to study. We suggest picking your subjects based on what you love most and are best at; do not simply pick one because you think you will need it. Passion should be your biggest motivator here and we can guide you to make smart choices. We will ask you to pick four subjects initially, which together we will hone down to three. The timetable is written after everyone has submitted their choices and we do our best to make every possible subject combination a possibility. 

Explore the subjects we offer here:

Sixth Form Academic Studies Booklet

Teachers are, as you would expect, experts in their subjects. It is their passion for their subjects and for girls’ education in general which sets them apart, though, and enables you to take full advantage of the benefits of girls-only lessons. You can expect small class sizes filled with discussion and debate which will challenge you and allow you to develop confidence in expressing your own ideas and sharing your insights across all disciplines. 

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