Sixth Form Spaces

The mystical flats are yours for the taking; make some tea, pin up some photos and make yourself at home. They will be your place of solace and study for the next two years, where you can spend free lessons, catch up on research and reading and make a dent in the extra hours of study required for each subject. They will also be the place where you will make some of the best memories with your closest friends; it is amazing to think that is still to come. 

You will also have the new Lafosse Sixth Form Centre (opened in September 2022) at your disposal – a place to relax as a larger group, to collaborate, to debate and to enjoy your Sixth Form experience. The kitchen will be one in which to make a hot chocolate after walking up the hill, the sofas are for curling up on, the games are for a moment of fun and escape.  

The Sixth Form teaching rooms are set up for university-style debate. Small class sizes allow for you to have a steer on the curriculum; what you linger over for a few extra lessons, or what you move on from more quickly. Your teacher can really focus on you and how you learn best, paying dividends when it comes to the results day. 

You will, of course, have the rest of the school at your disposal too, however you wish to use it to enrich your Sixth Form experience. Be it belting out a tune in St Cecilia’s choir room, experimenting in the science labs, fitting in a workout in the gym or just chilling on the hill on a sunny day, it is all yours to use. 

Girls in the sixth form centre