Sixth Form on the Hill

I love Sixth Form life at Farnborough Hill….In my opinion it is an unrivalled environment in which to study, have fun and get advice about universities and the future.

The unique 'sixth form on the hill' atmosphere, together with high academic standards, makes our Sixth Form an exciting place to study. Girls are offered a wide range of A levels and the pass rate in the top A and A* grades is impressive. All students who wish to go on to higher education do so; each year some students take places at Oxford and Cambridge

Most sixth formers stay on from the main school, taking advantage of the opportunity to continue their studies with staff who know them very well. Every year, in addition, new students come into the Sixth Form to avail themselves of the unique atmosphere of a single-sex school.

A higher education programme is organised for sixth formers, providing close monitoring of university applications. Students practise interview techniques, receive careers advice and follow a programme of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education to prepare them for situations they might face once they leave school.

Sixth formers play a crucial part in the co-curricular life of the School, participating in and running many of the clubs and societies both for themselves and for the younger students. They take responsibility for House activities, take the lead in whole-school assemblies and through the class prefect system are encouraged to build supportive relationships with younger girls. Our girls leave us as poised, articulate and assured young women, ready to make their mark on the world.



Reflection and Gratitude

Despite the hardships many in the Farnborough Hill community and beyond are facing, I urge everyone to find gratitude in the little things.

Progress and Improvement

None of us know what we can do until we try... progress is progress, and is something to be proud of no matter how long it takes.