Sixth Form on the Hill

School is a place where everyone should feel valued and respected. The feeling of empowerment which Farnborough Hill has fostered in me is at the centre of the person that I have become.

The encouragement and guidance you receive in Sixth Form are key to beginning your future in the best possible position. Your GCSEs and earlier school experiences, whether at Farnborough Hill or elsewhere, will have shaped your next step and revealed your strengths, aspirations, hopes and desires. It is now time to capitalise on these, seizing every opportunity to gain experiences which will stand you in good stead for success at university and beyond. 

As part of sixth form on the hill, you will receive individual attention and mentoring to finalise and achieve your ambitions, whatever they may be. A levels are academically challenging and university applications hugely competitive; our results prove that you will achieve academically at Farnborough Hill and our university success rate is exceptional. 

You will still be very much a part of the school community and we will call upon you for ideas and assistance in shaping and running the school, but you will also enjoy some freedom and personal space away from the hubbub of the younger years. Your flats will be a place of solace and study, the new Sixth Form Centre for socialisation and the classroom for university-style debate and learning. 

This is Farnborough Hill, but not quite as you may know it.  

Explore the difference for yourself. 

Recent Sixth Form News

A Roundup of Sixth Form Charity Week at Farnborough Hill

Farnborough Hill Sixth Form held a successful Charity Week raising money for three charities through various events including a Staff vs Sixth Form Volleyball match, school-wide treasure hunt, themed mufti day, staff lip-sync battle and a rule-breaking day.


Nostalgia, Gratitude and Growth

Reflecting on her soon-to-end time at Farnborough Hill, Sophie cherishes the abundant opportunities, lifelong memories and personal growth fostered by the school's supportive environment.

Leadership, Learning and Leaving Legacies

From Sister Wright's moving farewell to the inspiring Hustings speeches and the vibrant Charity Week, a strong sense of community weaved together a memorable week at Farnborough Hill.

sixth formers in corridor
head of sixth form with girls