School Production

Farnborough Hill offers many opportunities for pupils of all ages to be involved in the theatre.  Our Lower School Production (for Years 8 and 9) is the perfect chance to tread the boards as part of a smaller show. Our Upper School Production is a more challenging opportunity for older pupils to showcase their talents.  Our Whole School Production is a chance to unite talents from across the years and fosters teamwork, confidence and creativity.

This year's Whole School Production of The Addams Family is looking to be a hauntingly good time. First created by Charles Addams as caricatures for The New Yorker in the 1930s, little would he have believed how ubiquitous they would become in the humour and fashion of our lives today. Taking some inspiration from the filmmakers of the 1930s German expressionistic film noir genre, Drama have worked in close collaboration with the Art Department to bring a striking set of sharp angles and distorted proportions.

The production involves 11 talented leads and a company of 60 pupils who are working extremely hard to bring a marvellous live production to Farnborough Hill to enchant and delight our audiences.  

Dark Delights Await as The Addams Family Production Comes to the Hill

Interviews and Behind the Scenes with The Addams Family

The Addams Family Production Teaser

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