Houses play a large part of life here on the Hill. From looking at shared experiences and competitions, to exploring the inspiring story behind our House names, the House system is at the heart of all we do at Farnborough Hill.

The School is divided into five Houses - Bickford, Dutertre, McCormack, Mostyn and Roantree.  The Houses are named after former women who have lead Farnborough Hill and allow reference to the School’s history since its foundation in 1889 in Northern France when the Abbé Lafosse inspired the first four Sisters of the Religious of Christian Education to begin an order dedicated to the education of girls. Sister Dutertre was the Reverend Mother who led the other three young, French Sisters in the first School, and all subsequent Headmistresses – including Mother Roantree, Mother Mostyn; and Sister McCormack – have taken up the leader-of-the-school baton. Their names, therefore, represent different eras in the growth and development of the School since its origin. The fifth House’s name, relates to Mother Bickford who was a Head of Sport.  Each House has a colour and patron saint:



McCormack Mostyn Roantree
Teresa of Calcutta Rose of Lima Mary Magdalen Hilda of Whitby Bridgett of Ireland

Girls are assigned to one House for the duration of their school career. Each House is organised by a committee comprising of staff and pupils and is responsible for an Inter-House activity for which House Points are awarded.  House activities include:

The Inter-House Competitions and Charity

There are various competitions held throughout the year which foster a positive spirit of competition. Each House supports a nominated charity and raises funds for this during the year. 


The House system promotes a sense of belonging across the Year Groups.  When Year 7 pupils join the School they are adopted by Year 8 and 9  ‘Buddies’ who help them to settle in. House Assemblies are held several times a term.  Girls are encouraged to wear their colourful House T-shirts at House events.

House Spirit at Farnborough Hill

girls running on sports day